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This summer, and last few months have been totally awesome.  That read like an epic Valley Girl, but I have the heart of a thug or a fierce lion though. Nonetheless, I wanted to start posting some of my photos from my trip.  I’m going to do a few different photo sets but here’s Mexico first.

I went to Mexico for my friend Mareesa’s birthday, and it was great times. We went to Cabo, and went to explore the area.  Although, it was a tourist destination, we had lots of fun and got to meet really cool people.  I also somewhat learned how to swim - enough to go to the swimming pool bar, but yes, very beautiful. 

photo DSC_0133_zps74bf52de.jpg
photo DSC_0150_zps0efd8cd4.jpg
photo IMG_6965_zps30c6305c.jpg
photo IMG_7222_zps326061b2.jpg
photo IMG_6993_zpsccc3ef9b.jpg
photo IMG_7223_zpsc2c316e5.jpg
photo IMG_7202_zps2eb886ad.jpg
photo IMG_7114_zps3ea5d4ae.jpg
photo IMG_7118_zpsedb86870.jpg
photo IMG_7126_zps85c2c39c.jpg
photo IMG_7210_zpsdd2e7eb7.jpg
photo IMG_7212_zpsaccdd256.jpg
photo IMG_7213_zpsefb47746.jpg

 photo IMG_7214_zpse0ce0b9a.jpg
 photo IMG_7196_zps81ee1954.jpg
 photo IMG_7198_zpsfee12bb4.jpg